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Vote for Minecats!

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Vote for Minecats at these sites for in game bonuses!
Go here to vote:

How voting works:

  1. You cast a vote for Minecats on the vote sites
  2. The vote site sends an encrypted notification to our vote server
  3. Our vote server does a few things:
    Counts each vote and saves it to our database
    Adds a token* to the database for the player’s token wallet
    Relays the vote notification to our game servers
  4. Vote messages are sent in-game to any server you log-on to: This is done in real time if you are currently logged onA lot of notifications are sent to you if you log after voting
  5. You use tokens to buy things from the servers’ /token shop

BUT WAIT! There’s more? There’s more!

On special occasions, Minecats will run events where each vote will give you more than one token.  Not all events will be announced, so you should vote every day, just in case! 

On some servers, you have a chance of getting a bonus for your votes.  Sometimes these are more tokens, sometimes they’re items!

We will be running monthly vote contests for the most votes cast each month.  The winners will get a special thank you from the owners!

What can I do with my tokens?

All of your tokens are stored in a single place and usable on all of our servers.  This means no matter if you usually play on Creative and go to Skyblock, you can use your tokens on Skyblock too!  

Tokens are not transferable – meaning only YOU can use YOUR tokens, and ONLY through our /token shop available on each server.  Each servers’s shop is different, and you cannot buy an item in one server for use on another. For example, you cannot buy something in Skyblock’s token shop for use on Creative.

Tokens *CAN* be turned into Treats (Minecats’ economy currency) which *CAN* be given to other players.  But each server has it’s own economy, so Treats are not transferable between servers. 

Treats, however *CANNOT* be turned into Tokens.  Tokens are never for sale with any kind of currency, virtual or real.  The only way to obtain Tokens is through voting.  And there’s a lot of things that can be obtained only through the token shops.

Why should I vote?

Voting helps to increase Minecats’ standing on the vote sites.  This in turn helps new players to find Minecats and our servers.  This means more players for Minecats. 

We rely on players for our community.  Our players are the essence of Minecats – without you, and all of our other players, Minecats would cease to exist.  In more ways than one.

Voting is only part of keeping Minecats awesome!  Voting leads to more players.  More players means more donations.  More donations means we can build more servers.  And who wouldn’t love to see some more servers on Minecats?

And of course, you get tokens to use on our servers to buy things from the token shops. 

So, you should vote on every site every day!

Minecats does not control the vote sites.

Minecats is not affiliated with any vote site. Minecats only has an account on the various vote sites. This account is required for the vote site to send the encrypted vote notification to our vote server.

The Minecats vote server may "crash" or go "offline" for a number of reasons - when this happens, the owners will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

In most cases, votes are counted, even if the message is not displayed in-game.

Minecats and the vote sites are not affiliated with Microsoft, Mojang or Minecraft.