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The MineCats Community General Rules of Conduct & Chat:

1) Be Respectful, Courteous & Kind to others, yourself & staff.
2) Remain family friendly & all-ages appropriate in public chat.
3) Be appropriate & respectful in play, roleplay (RPs) and PVP.
4) Do not create inappropriate builds, sings, symbols or books.
5) Use only tools & items which cannot give an unfair advantage.
6) Gently & cheerfully remind others of the /rules, as needed.
7) Be socially polite and civil to others, even rule breakers!
8) Do not excessively: repeat, smash, SHOUT (caps) or swear.
9) Use only the appropriate channel for player announcements.
10) Keep chat subjects on topic & appropriate for the channel.
11) Do not recruit others to play on or staff other servers!
12) Do not discuss other servers or realms in public channels.
13) Abide by any instruction given to you by Minecats Staff.

These rules apply in Discord, Forums, Support and in all games.
Please follow these and any additional rules provided per service or game.