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Play the Latest Snapshot!

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Minecats pre-release and testing servers

Minecats runs a couple of testing servers.  Some are private and only the owners and sometimes the staff may join to help test things.  However, Minecats makes available a testing server to the public – for you – to test things on.  Normally, this is Minecats Snappy.  Other times, when new full versions are released from Mojang, it will be called Testy – but both are available at the same address, not at the same time though.

To see the current running version and connect to Snappy (or Testy), add the server address to your client:

Name: Minecats Snappy

Minecats Snappy!

Snappy is a Mojang Minecraft server, running a current SNAPSHOT version.
This means that you must connect to Snappy using a SNAPSHOT client version, and a special address just for Minecats Snappy.

Snappy, first and foremost is a TEST server.  This server is for testing purposes only.  You, the players are welcome to test the snapshot versions of Minecraft on Minecats Snappy.

Our Snappy server cannot be connected to with any other client version.  Snappy cannot be connected to from our lobby servers either.  This is because it is not supported by the Minecraft game proxy server.

Minecats Testy!

When Mojang’s snapshot release cycle ends, a new full release of Minecraft is made available.  When that server is made publicly available, Minecats will replace Snappy with Testy.  Testy will have it’s own world, but may be a copy of the last Snappy world.

Testy will live until Mojang releases a new snapshot for the next full version.  So, as of the date of writing this, Minecraft 1.14 SNAPSHOT 19w09a is the latest snapshot release – if tomorrow Mojang releases Minecraft 1.14, it will be used for Testy, and Snappy will be set aside.  Testy will stay online until Mojang’s new version snapshot server becomes available, then Snappy will come back online, replacing Testy.

Testy may be used for new versions of Spigot’s server compatible with the latest version of Minecraft, for advanced testing.

It’s a test server after all…

Snappy and Testy are test servers.  Though you are encouraged to go on and build, to play with all the cool new things, and even to build awesome bases – it is still a testing server.

This means there’s some things you should know:
The server may be unavailable at any time.
The server may be reset at any time – but only if it’s absolutely necessary.
There are no protections or any means of replacing lost items or griefed builds.
You are invited to play on Snappy, but that invitation may be revoked at any time for any reason.
There are no ban appeals for Snappy.  Bans may be reset occasionally however.
Any exploit, bug or game-play affecting issue found on Snappy should be reported to Minecats owners, and to Mojang (There’s a nice bug report button in the options screen now!)

How do I use snapshot versions?

This is where I get lazy and tell you to go read this wiki article:

If you still have issues, ask for help in our Discord server!