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New Forums!

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Come check out our new forums site!
Such loss.  Much sad!
But that’s it in the past.

>>The new forums are here!<<  You’ll need to create a new account.

***As of 27 February, 2019, Now with Tapatalk!***
Get Tapatalk for Apple iOS or Android!  (it’s best to view this page on your device and then click)

We previously hosted our forums (and the forums backups) through a server hosting company.  Due to an issue with their financial system not accepting payment, and because their fix, once they accepted our payment. still resulted in our servers being removed and unrecoverable, we have had to make a new forums site.

We have learned from our mistake and no longer host our backups with the same provider as our production forums.  Previously, we had multiple servers, but all through the same hosting company.

However, there is a way you can view the old forums.  And if you wish, you can even copy some of your forum posts from the wayback machine to our new forums.  We won’t be doing this as it is extremely time consuming – and most posts simply aren’t that important any longer. Not to say that all are not important, just most.

You can visit the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machines’s web archive of our forums!