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LionsDen season 2 (LionsDen 1.14.4 + new world)

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LionsDen is making some changes.  The current LionsDen server will be upgraded to 1.14.4 soon. There were multiple options for us to take with this upgrade.  We put out a poll on the Discord #vote channel, requiring a 66% majority for any of the options, with a fall-back option failing any single option gained 66% of the votes.  

Because the LionsDen main world was originally created in 1.11, it was upgraded to 1.12.1, 1.12.2, 1.13, 1.13.2 and honestly – there’s a LOT of legacy artifacts in the world, as well as areas that have become corrupted (albeit minorly), it’s time for the world to be retired. There’s also the giant areas that have been claimed by people who are no longer on Minecats, much less LionsDen. To go with that, the world is very large and cannot be expanded (Not without more dedicated resources)

I’ve gotten complaints and suggestions ranging from:
– Make the main world 1.13.2 (Can’t do without a wipe);
– Expand the main world for 1.13.2 chunks to generate (covered above)
 (these are now 1.14.4 related rather than 1.13.2)
– Why not / when will I reset the world
and then several “The_Mines world is dumb, you should make it the main world” (and similar complaints)

So, with that, and the exuberant responses I’ve gotten about people wanting to keep the current main world, there’s only one real option I see to progress LionsDen along without using hacks and losing access to new blocks and items: A gracious transference from world to world.

This means, we will create a new main world, and load the current world as a secondary world.  We will then let people move their items and inventories over from the current world until the end of the year (December 31, 2019)

I understand the loss is emotional for a lot of people. I also understand that the thought of a fresh start is both exciting for some and depressing for others. I personally have spent a LOT of hours on LionsDen – and a lot of those on /creating/ LionsDen before anyone else even logged into it. So please, chill out, calm down, keep playing – and for the love of all that is the Grue – stop saying the world is going to be reset. Although the current world WILL be phased out, and be removed for 2020, there is more than enough time for everyone to move what they want to the new world, and to transition their social gathering places as well.  

Because of all the long hours and hard work I put into create the original Lions Head islands (the lion face made of islands as seen in the map rooms) – this WILL be the new spawn on the new world.  However, I will be reverting the spawn using an original backup of the spawn area.  Staff will be allowed to change and modify the area to best suit the new LionsDen.  

This change is referred to as LionsDen season 2.  The *server* will remain being named LionsDen however.  It is similar to how many other games have used “seasons” to refer to fresh starts on the same game, using newer code/features/functions while maintaining player statistics.

The upgrade process:
For the purposes of upgrading LionsDen without LionsDen being offline for a week or more, I will duplicate LionsDen, creating a separate server which will be updated to 1.14.4. This will also allow me to update the server without losing the current server in the event the upgrade fails horribly. I will then make a new main world, and add the current world as a secondary world.

Over the course of the next 4 months, players will have the opportunity to move their inventories and items from the OLD (Original LionsDen) world to the new LDs2 world. At the end of December 2019, the current LionsDen main world will be taken offline. Players who wish to have a “fresh start” experience can modreq a request to have their areas regenerated, inventories emptied and money reset to 1000 treats.  Players may choose any or all three of these options.  Players wishing for this will make a modreq and MUST include each option they want to have rest: area, money, inventory.  One modreq per area!  We’re not going to play guessing games.

In the interim, the current LionsDen 1.13.2 server will remain online!

Once I am certain LionsDen season 2 (LDs2) is running properly, I will copy the world over again, saving any and all progress made while LDs2 is being created. SO DO NOT DESTROY YOUR THINGS (unless you’re absolutely done with them)

Provided everything goes well, LionsDen season 2 will be up and running within the week. Once it is up and running with the updated (old) world, items and inventory can be couriered over. 

Sometime in the near future, a donation pool will be created. Once the donation pool reaches the goal, a modified copy of the current LionsDen main world will be available for download. (The world is currently sitting at about 30GBs)

Being as this is not a reset, but a gracious transference from world to world, ALL player statistics, including currency, items, OnTime & claim blocks will be carried over to LDs2. Claim blocks in-use on the current (OLD) world WILL still count towards a player’s total claim blocks. Players will be required to abandon their claims in the OLD world to gain access to the refunded amount of claim blocks for use in the LDs2 world. 

How to transfer items:
There’s a few ways to move items between worlds:
Player inventories
Ender chests
and probably SlimeFun methods as well.

Players WILL NOT be allowed to ask for worldedit schematics of areas, will NOT be allowed to ask staff to ferry items or copy/paste items, areas, etc from world to world or from one location to another. Staff WILL NOT provide any assistance in moving, transferring or otherwise help players to transition their *stuff* to the new world.  

In *MOST* cases, players may spend less time and effort re-creating their belongings in the new world than to move them.  This is especially true for players with more than a couple inventories full of stuff, and for those SlimeFun players who are capable of quickly setting up new factories.  All SlimeFun knowledge will also be preserved, and so this should not be an issue.  I currently do not know how, or if it’s possible to reset an individual players’ SF knowledge levels.

First, I frown upon you.  I have taken the time to write this for you to understand.  Please read it

Second, this is a soft-reset as worse.  All your stuff will still exist for 1.14.4, and the current LionsDen world will not be removed until the end of December.  You CAN move all of your stuff from the current world to the new world.  Staff won’t help you.  Your money, claimblocks, ontime, SF knowledge, etc will stay the same.  The world *may* be available for download after it is removed from LD.  You WILL have an opportunity to have any and all personal/private *stuff* removed from the map before it is taken offline.  


It’s your responsibility to remove any and all “personal”/”private” books, signs, named items, etc from the world before December 31st if you do not wish these things to potentially be available for public view.

The Original LionsDen world (OLD world) is roughly 30 GBs in size.  If the donation goal is met, this world WILL be trimmed down in size, will exclude the Lions Head Islands spawn area, and some other areas.  There WILL NOT be any plugins OR plugin configuration given with the map.  It will be JUST the world map files.  There will be enough data that someone who knows how can start the world in single player games.  

We reserve the right to change these decisions at any time.  We reserve the right to re-use the OLD world for other purposes, including other servers.  We reserve the rights of commercial ownership of the modified OLD world made available for download – re-use on a server for financial gain, or as part of a network of servers with the aim of financial gain may be met with legal recourse.  The OLD world download, if made available, will be done so ONLY for personal use.